Based in the area of Lyon (Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne region) ITS can perform an acoustic diagnosis of your buildings or installations, in France and abroad e.g. in neighboring countries.

Are you wondering if some workers are facing risks due to noise e.g. due to the operation of noisy machines or production lines? ITS can measure the daily sound exposition level and compare it to the limits trigging action.

The question arises whether work spaces have the minimum characteristics in order to reduce reverberation (of noise on the walls) ? ITS can determine the decay of the sound level by doubling the distance at the source and compare it with the limit, depending on the floor area and the fitting (machines or production installations), given by a regulatory text (in France: a ministerial decree).

You do not know whether insulation related to airborne noise is in accordance with the regulatory benchmarks for premises in an educational institution? ITS can measure the standardized acoustic insulation and compare it to what it should be at minimum to meet the obligations (in France: in conformity with a ministerial decree).

You are wondering what to think about the acoustic comfort of a meeting room, a sports hall, a music room, a restaurant, a room hosting children under 6? ITS can measure the reverberation time and compare it to a reference value (as the case may be: a French or international standard, a regulatory text or a text being non-official, but being produced by working groups bringing together professionals).

Are you concerned about the compliance of an installation (classified for environmental protection or not) in terms of noise impact for the neighborhood? ITS can make measurements of ambient sound level (including a possible particular noise if it is involved) and compare the emergence with the limit value that depends on the observation period.

Beside such an acoustic diagnosis, ITS can assist you in finding solutions, if it is necessary to consider them to improve the situation of your buildings or installations, e.g. for a compliance upgrade, or from a perspective of increased comfort.

On this occasion namely, ITS's human resources experience and its network of diversified commercial partners will allow you to make the right technological choices at the best cost for successful soundproofing projects.

ITS can perform an acoustic diagnosis of buildings or installations in Lyon (France, Europe)