ITS offers in Lyon (France, Europe) a diversified range of acoustic consulting services, i.e. technical (sometimes scientific) works related to the production, propagation and effects of sound, which, if they are the origin of an unpleasant or annoying auditory sensation, justify the use of the term "noise", to the fight against which ITS devotes a large part of its activities, but which can also (fortunately) be considered without negative connotation e.g. when it comes to projects related to speech and music (although there is a lot to be said about the displeasure they may arouse in certain contexts).

As a result of this long-standing practice, the human resources of ITS intervene for on-site measurements, either of sound levels (e.g. in industrial environments) or of parameters characterizing the acoustic performance of premises (reverberation time, sound decay when distance to the noise source is double), or else (characterizing) the quality of constructions in terms of acoustic insulation.

Of course, such metrology is carried out in accordance with the standards in force (often: European or from international standardization works when it comes to ISO standards) or, in some cases, in accordance with the measurement methods annexed to regulatory texts applicable in French law.

These measurements are often the first step of an approach for improving acoustic conditions, making it possible to make a diagnosis on the one hand in terms of the conformity of the measured indicators with the reference values ​​(in a given context) and on the other hand in relation to the causes of what is often  discomfort, awkwardness, sometimes: trauma in relation to noise pollution, as well as remedies to all this.

Indeed, ITS missions are oriented towards the research and development of solutions to problems that arise either in the industrial environment or in the construction sector (sometimes: for industrial buildings).

The sizing of soundproofing equipment, the selection (if they exist on the market or among the range of realized projects to which the human resources of ITS have contributed at one time) or the development (if not ) of construction systems based on materials whose acoustic properties must be sufficiently documented, is the key step in the intervention of ITS.

In most cases, the related calculations are performed with in-house acoustic simulation software that capitalizes on the experience of the human resource of ITS.

The algorithms implemented in different modules constitute a software suite covering many of the recurring needs in architectural, industrial or environmental acoustics.

Acoustic performance of multi-layered partitions, screens, mufflers, ventilation systems, rooms with specific (partial or total) absorbing treatment of their envelope, but also prediction of the aerodynamic noise of control valves or of safety valves: predictive calculations for acoustics (often too: for aerodynamics, sometimes: for heat science) that must be carried out by ITS according to the projects, in the context of its interventions - for the benefit of machine manufacturers, construction companies (Building & Public Works, end-users (industrial and non-industrial) - are numerous, and the development of reliable, multi-purpose, accurate tools available in good time if not proactive has been an important part of the human resource use of ITS since always.

This approach is the reason for being of an acoustic consulting company like ITS, of which the services comply with the requirements required by ISO 9001 and is also the reason for the (professional) longevity of its human resource in this activity (where no error is possible) consisting in designing soundproofing equipment and acoustic insulation measures to be adapted to a given context, proportionate and definitely effective (and with a reasonable cost).

ITS offers acoustic consulting services in Lyon (France, Europe)