A city hall is a space in which, especially for medium and high frequencies (therefore, in particular: in the 500-2000 Hz frequency range):

- the sound level can be very high, because of the activities taking place there,
- the noise can become troublesome with respect to activities such as relaxation, discussion

Such symptoms of a lack of acoustic comfort can often be directly related to excessive reverberation of the considered space, the results of measurements made then indicating that the internal acoustics of the considered space is perfectible by the means of specific soundproofing means such as those studied and marketed by ITS in the field of sound insulation in buildings.

ITS will participate in the soundproofing of a city hall, near Chatillon sur Chalaronne in the department of Ain (France - Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region) for which reverberation time measurements had shown poor quality of building acoustics.

A limitation of the amplification of sound levels will be achieved by the implementation of absorbent materials in the form of suspended ceiling panels for this city hall.

No doubt that this treatment will significantly improve the acoustic comfort of this place used both for association meetings, receptions, banquets, entertainment and various events as well as for amplified music broadcast.

Acoustic comfort in buildings

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