In terms of calculation for acoustics and aeraulics, the SILDIS® software combines ease of use, speed of simulation, versatility and reliability for the sizing of silencers with possible applications in the building sector e.g. Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) ) and in industry, e.g. aeraulic networks with fans or even including the intake and exhaust of turbomachines (compressors, turbines) and heat engines, as well as processes involving pressurized fluid systems (including at high temperature ), without forgetting the dust collection networks and painting booths ventilations.

The nature of the sound absorbing filling (also with resonators) can be taken into account by using materials being referenced in software libraries or entered by the user.

The nature of the fluid and the thermodynamic conditions are taken into account (the evaluation of the physical parameters is integrated in the case of air).

The flow rate of the fluid and its direction of propagation (relative to that of sound) are considered.

Calculations are possible for different silencer geometries.

The results are comparable to laboratory measurements according to the standards in force.

Computer Aided Design (CAD): SILDIS® calculation software for acoustics and aeraulics in the construction sector

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