ITS intervenes in printing industry: noise control, acoustical insulation, soundproofing, noise exposure reduction, acoustic nuisance limitation are all aspects of a process of prevention or reduction of disorders or non-compliances that can justify having recourse to its expertise.

In relation to various issues (often with the objective of protecting workers against noise), ITS markets the solutions offered by the company Faist, a major player in the world market, in terms of enclosures for sound insulation and anti-noise walls for rotary presses (when it comes to reducing machine noise at the source) as well as soundproofed control stations (when it comes to protecting personnel).

High performance, no noise - noise control for the printing industry - text of the brochure of Faist (whose representative in France is ITS) -

Commercial Printing High Performance - No Noise

The high speeds required for commercial printing result in excellent production performance, but simultaneously lead to a considerably heavier noise load for the persons operating the machine.

According to the European Directive of 12th May 1986 on the protection of workers from the risks related to exposure of noise at work (86/188/ EEC), noise laws for the printing industry allow for a maximum sound level of 83 dB(A) at the workplaces.

Although it has been proven that sound levels of maximum 83 dB(A) do not cause hearing problems, many companies have chosen to reduce the level of noise to 70dB(A) in the future. The comfort level of the employees and their consequential performance is also an economic factor, which FAIST has recognised and used as a tide mark in planning soundproofing cabins. FAIST has tread new paths to offer an optimal workplace for everyone - come with us!

Newspaper Printing The Quiet Room - A Perfect Solution

We have developed a highly successful concept in the newspaper printing industry by using individually soundproofed cabins for the control desks.

Noise levels of below 70 dB(A) have always been considered state of the art, as well as being required by law. But FAIST has already set a new milestone: with noise levels below 60 dB(A) in immediate proximity to folders and four high towers (approx. 110 dB(A)) we have attained conditions that exceed those even in many offices.

A highly absorbent acoustic wall cladding reduces noise levels in the printing hall by 6 to 10 dB(A) and thereby improves not only the acoustic environment, but lessens the noise at the work stations and to the outside.

Photogravure Printing Even a Giant Can Whisper

Special attention has to be paid to the enclosure of noise-intensive folders, where as a relatively lower sound insulation can be used in the print unit area. Today, additional control stations are usually set up in the photogravure printing area, to achieve noise levels of less than 70 dB(A) at the control desk, thus reaching levels below those required by law.

A never-ending interest in further development and the successful implementation of our innovative systems have made us the world wide leading manufacturer of sound proofing concepts in the printing industry. Our flexible standard build systems allow us to provide individual specifications for proofing, transparen, ventilation, lighting and colour to our satisfied customers.

See the brochure of FAIST (ITS is practicing the brokerage for the supply / installation of soundproofing equipement)