Whether it comes to a canteen (in a school, a university, an administration, a company) where one wants to take a break and get one’s strength back, or whether it comes to an establishment selected to share a moment of conviviality (e.g. with family, with friends) or to have a business discussion (in a professional context) while having a meal there: the acoustic comfort of the dining rooms must not be neglected.

In the first case, the acoustic comfort is necessary to regenerate oneself and to be able to exchange validly with comrades, colleagues; in the second case it is essential for a moment of relaxation and proximity to keep all its promises; in the latter case, it is obligatory to get along.

It is therefore necessary to ensure that the dining rooms are always spaces within which the amplification of sound levels (due to the reflection of acoustic waves on the walls: floor, walls, roofing) is limited to an acceptable level, to avoid excessive noise increases.

For this, the implementation of materials sufficiently absorbing sound (especially at medium and high frequencies i.e. in the octave bands centered on 500 Hz and 1000 Hz, corresponding to the human voice) should be considered.

Depending on their sound absorption coefficient (which can reach 100%), a greater or lesser quantity of materials must be used to limit the phenomenon of reverberation, the importance of which increases with the volume of the dining room.

Such materials can be installed in the form of ceiling slabs and other suspended elements, in the form of wall cladding or in the form of screens, which then also participate in the limitation of the propagation of noise.

There is something for everyone (in terms of decoration) and for all budgets.

An on-site diagnosis, based on reverberation time measurements using an electro-acoustic equipment, is appropriate for the analysis of the situation in relation to the applicable criteria and for optimizing the works in terms of acoustic correction of the restaurant rooms.

ITS can improve the acoustical comfort of dining rooms.