An offer of technologies and services for acoustic insulation (the best possible): this is the ambition of ITS.

Fight against noise, acoustic comfort: ITS offers a wide range of technology solutions suitable for the challenges and the constraints of the main human activities impacting the soundscapes, being therefore possible fields of intervention for ITS in relation to original equipment manufacturers, general contractors, installers or final users.

Engineering (including: on site metrology, sizing calculations) and software publishing, marketing of high value-added components and systems, technical assistance for implementation: ITS offer of technologies and services for acoustic insulation is versatile and covers all needs related to soundproofing projects in industry sector (including: with respect to environmental concerns) and in construction (including: the improvement of acoustic comfort in buildings).

ITS offers powerful solutions at a reasonable cost in response to all the needs in the matter of soundproofing (preventive or curative) by the means of equipment for which the quality of design and of execution meets the highest level of requirement.

Main applications of ITS in relation to noise control, acoustical insulation, soundproofing, noise exposure reduction, acoustic nuisance limitation