When one is looking to obtain an effect of acoustic screen, ITS offers a wide range of acoustic screens (noise barriers) for outdoor for all applications related to soundproofing / acoustic insulation : protection of workers against noise, preservation of acoustic environment, limitation of noise emissions in the energy sector.

An external acoustic screen opposes the propagation of sound, its effectiveness being, in the case of a point sound source i.e. small enough with respect to the distance between noise source and observation (reception) point mainly related to different parameters:  

  • the frequency
  • the height of the acoustic screen for outdoor relative to the noise source considered and to the observation (reception) point considered  
  • the distance between noise source and acoustic screen for outdoor
  • the distance between acoustic screen for outdoor and observation (reception) point considered
  • the importance (number, area, positioning) of reflective surfaces in the acoustic screen for outdoor environment

In addition to these parmeters valid for an acoustic screen for outdoor with an infinite horizontal length, the distance between the noise source and each vertical edge of the acoustic screen for outdoor palys a role: 3 acoustic paths to be taken into account in general (Module 8B of SILDIS® software in connection with the prediction of sound absorption by the atmosphere includes the calculation of screens, for what one can solicit ITS).

The directivity of the noise source, which is not always sufficiently documented, can sometimes make it difficult to calculate the efficiency of an acoustical screen for outdoor, just like the sound transmission through the screen if it is not correctly made.

ITS offers acoustic screens for outdoor for the protection of neighborhood against equipment sound, for compliance to environmental regulations.

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