ITS offers services in the field of acoustics: studies and measurements in Lyon and its region (Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne) but also beyond (in France), when it is desired to know the opinion of an experienced professional in relation to an acoustic situation, in an industrial environment or in a building.

Does the sound level of a machine or of an equipment or of an installation comply with the limit imposed by a specification or by a regulation concerning the protection of workers or the fight against neighborhood troubles due to noise?

Does the decrease in noise level by distance doubling from the source in a workshop comply with the ministerial order to which it is subject?

Is the reverberation time in a space located in an educational institution (rest or exercise room or playroom of a nursery school, premise for teaching or for music or for studies or for practical activities, restaurant or multipurpose space) consistent with the ministerial order to which it is subject?

What about the reverberation time of a gym with respect to the standard that deals with spaces for the practice of gymnastics, athletics, volleyball, handball, basketball , tennis, fencing and ping pong ?

What about the reverberation time of offices or associated spaces such as a meeting room or a company restaurant ?

With regard to all these questions, and many others, in relation to acoustics (sudies, measurements) in Lyon, France or in differents places, ITS can assist you by carrying out on-site measurements (with a sonometer, and if required, with a noise generator) in accordance with the standards in force, and, if necessary by carrying out the study of solutions allowing to improve the acoustic situation observed.

The calculation notes necessary for the definition of the soundproofing means are prepared by ITS which is sizing noise abatement equipment such as silencers, absorbent screens, machine enclosures, noise barriers, soundproof buildings, available from partnering companies, which ITS advises and represents to offer its customers (builders, installers, end-users) turnkey solutions with guaranteed results.

So, for your studies and measurements in acoustics, in Lyon or anywhere else, to consult ITS is necessary to know the services proposed by a structure on a human scale having for all its services of the ISO 9001 certification and a designer and ten-years insurance cover.