An acoustic engineer, such as ITS’s, can be solicited under many circumstances.

In connection with a project in industry, it may be necessary to measure the noise of a machine, an installation, or to characterize the acoustic performance of a technical room, or of an industrial building in the context a compliance check (e.g. against a specification, against a regulation). Then, ITS acoustic engineer can intervene on site, in the region of Lyon or elsewhere in France and in Europe, with its acoustic measuring devices: sound level meters, noise generators.

In relation to a project in the construction sector, it may be necessary to characterize the reverberation of a room e.g. in order to limit the noise or to optimize the acoustics if it is a place of diffusion of amplified music or to measure the spatial sound decay in relation to the acoustic correction of the workspaces e.g. in an open-space. Then, the ITS acoustic engineer can perform such measurements in buildings, in the Rhône department or in any French region or in a neighboring country, using the regulatory or normative metrological protocols being dedicated.

Whether it is a problem of noise at work, prevention of noise pollution in the environment, acoustic comfort in buildings, ITS acoustic engineer can provide an opinion on a situation, and, if necessary, propose solutions to improve it.

The ITS acoustic engineer can evaluate the acoustic performance of soundproofing equipment required in different contexts, size them accordingly, and select the most appropriate materials and constructive systems, which he can market, possibly: with their turnkey installation.

The recourse to ITS acoustic engineer is justified in order to prevent any disorder in relation to sound emissions and noise or to remedy them.

The engineering and software edition activities of the ITS acoustic engineer comply with the requirements of ISO 9001, what is a guarantee of quality of service.