In a factory producing machines, engines on which tests are performed (e.g. endurance) is a very powerful noise source potentially causing sound nuisance for personnel operating in the vicinity as well as for the neighborhood. It is often necessary to use in such cases a very performing soundproofing equipment in order to ensure compliance of the installation on the one hand with respect to the legislation on noise at work and on the other hand with respect to the regulation in terms of environmental protection.

ITS will participate in the soundproofing 4 engine test benches for combustion engines of high power output around Mulhouse (Alsace region, France).

Of course, the partitions constituting this soundproofing equipment will prove particularly important sound attenuation, for the envelope (walls, ceiling) as well as for doors and windows allowing a visual inspection of the tests. In addition, the removal of the heat dissipated by the motors will necessitate the implementation of an efficient ventilation system with proper soundproofing device.

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