Industrial noise, in relation to noise emissions from machinery, equipment and facilities, e.g. production or processing, is a consequence of the human activity to which attention must be paid for various reasons.

On the one hand, workers exposure to noise is a vital aspect of hygiene and safety in companies. In Europe in general, and therefore in France in particular, regulatory limits exist and must therefore be respected.

Thus, with regard to industrial noise, Decree No. 2006-892 of 19 July 2006 concerning the safety and health requirements applicable in the event of exposure of workers to the risks arising from noise and amending the Labor Code transposes into french law the directive 2003/10/CE: daily noise exposure levels exceeding 80 dB (A) and / or a peak sound pressure level above 135 dB (C) are above the limit triggering the action.

On the other hand, disturbances for the neighborhood must be prevented or fought, being, in France, especially based on the emergence concept i.e. the difference between the A-weighted equivalent continuous pressure levels of the ambient noise (installation in operation) and the residual noise (in the absence of noise generated by the installation, but measured over the period of operation of the installation).

Thus, in the case of industrial noise, allowed emergence values ​​must be respected by Classified Installations for the Protection of the Environment (ICPE) and by other sites so as not to cause noise nuisance for the neighborhood: these values depend on the period considered and the level of ambient noise.

For the period 7 am - 10 pm (except Sundays and public holidays), the allowed emergence is 6 dB (A) for an ambient noise level between 35 dB (A) and 45 dB (A) and 5 dB ( A) for an ambient noise level greater than 45 dB (A).

For the period 22h - 7h (and for Sundays & public holidays), the allowed emergence is 4 dB (A) for an ambient noise level between 35 dB (A) and 45 dB (A) and 3 dB (A) for an ambient noise level greater than 45 dB (A).

In relation to the protection of the environment against industrial noise: other limitations exist, in relation to other related concepts.

The fight against industrial noise is therefore a necessity: the dimensioning of soundproofing means ond of acoustical insulation harddware is a crucial phase of such an approach since it must take into account the different aspects of the situation (regulatory, technical, industrial, financial) to arrive at an acceptable compromise in the more or less specific context of each project.

ITS combats industrial noise by dimensioning and marketing soundproofing equipment and acoustical insulation hardware.

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