Construction of an anechoic room for the conduction of acoustic testing in a context of mobile communication R&D

Mobile communication (i.e. communication network that does not involve cable or wire connection between two entities) is a field of activity involving high advanced technologies requiring specific facilities, availbale from industrial soundproofing specialists, appropriate to the conduction of Research & Development testing in acoustics often under conditions of free acoustic field, requiring an environment with specific characteristics in terms of anechoicity.

It is in fact a matter of...

Study of a soundproofing device for a large gas turbine

In a power plant with gas turbines (combustion turbines), some airborne noise is emitted by the various subsets making up each turbomachinery (in addition to noise emissions associated with the mouths for air intake and exhaust not included in the current project, although regularly studied and subject of simulation and design work (study) by ITS as part of other projects in the field of energy production):

  • the turbine compartment i.e. compressors, combustion chamber, turbine
  • the auxiliary...

Acoustical treatment of a canteen: ITS is selling absorbing claustras

Like many other premises in education centers, canteens are spaces of everyday life in which the reverberation should be limited to control ambient sound levels, for the well being of occupants that are both users and service staff. It is often necessary to use in such cases special equipment in terms of architectural acoustics to ensure the habitability requirements for those spaces to which are applicable specific regulatory provisions related to noise limitation.

The indicators of the...