When one is looking to the reduction of the reverberation of a room by the means of the implementation of absorbent materials, ITS offers a wide range of suspended ceiling tiles for tertiary premises for many applications related to acoustic insulation / soundproofing related to acoustic comfort in buildings.

The suspended ceiling tiles for tertiary premises are a fundamental element of any soundproofing system for a space such as a meeting room, a classroom or a sports hall, an office, a restaurant (e.g. a canteen) and many other premises of public access buildings (PAB) when a noise limitation is sought (which is a major aspect of acoustic comfort, in relation to reverberation control).

Suspended ceiling tiles for tertiary premises must have a sufficiently high coefficient of sound absorption (the maximum reachable being 1 i.e. 100%) including medium and high frequencies which correspond to human speech (at these frequencies, acoustic performance is slightly impacted by the distance between the back of the tiles and the supporting structure): porous materials (mineral wool or polyester wool) are often appropriate.

The time (duration) of reverberation is often an acoustic performance indicator related to the implementation of suspended ceiling tiles for tertiary premises, characterizing the reduction of 60 dB (i.e. with a ratio of 1 million to 1) of the sound level existing in a room when a noise source is interrupted.

Reference values (sometimes regulatory) exist for this indicator, and allow the selection (during the construction of a building or during its renovation) of products adapted to the specific performance requirements of the considered space.

ITS offers suspended ceiling tiles for tertiary premises to control reverberation and prevent acoustic nuisance and noise pollution

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