When one is looking to the reduction of the reverberation of a room by the means of the implementation of absorbent materials, ITS offers a wide range of suspended baffles for industrial workplaces for many applications related to acoustic insulation / soundproofing related to the protection of workers against noise.

Suspended baffles for industrial workplaces often participate in the acoustic correction required by the decree of 30 August 1990, helping to limit the reverberation of noise so as not to increase the level of noise exposure of employees.

Light enough to be suspended under the face of a roof, their density can be adjusted according to the desired acoustic performance, which depends on the absorbing properties of the other surfaces of the building (in particular: the walls) and on the value of sound decay when doubling distance to the source to respect, this latter being connected to the ground area, whether it comes to a premise empty of any machine or production facility or to a premise after installation of machines and production equipment.

ITS sells suspended baffle for industrial working premises to control reverberation and prevent acoustic nuisance and noise pollution.

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